Habit formation is a long…

Habit formation is a long race. It often takes time for the desired results to appear. And while you are waiting for the long-term rewards of your efforts to accumulate, you need a reason to stick with it in the short-term. You need some immediate feedback that shows you are on the right path.

James Clear’s new book Atomic Habits

This sight made my day….

This sight made my day. One good reason to come home.

Driving back to Gordonton in the Waikato.

“I love that one of…

“I love that one of the most powerful man in the world, without any fanfare, reached out to one of the poorest children in the world.”

“I have a feeling that he did a lot of good things that we don’t know about and a lot of things we probably never will.”

Compassion International talking about George H W Bush sponsoring a boy from the Philippines under a pseudonym.

A wonderful time in Sabah…

A wonderful time in Sabah for Thanksgiving. It was good to reconnect with Malaysia. Saw lots of wildlife and scenery especially the imposing Mt. Kinabalu.IMG_5003

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 11.20.27 AM

Relaxing at an AirBnB just outside Porto.

Important lesson today.
PNG image

Visit to the new high…

Visit to the new high school. Looking good in the inside.


Great walk around the mountain…

Great walk around the mountain today. Beautiful day with lots of people out. Colleen and I did 6kms.


Being digital does NOT make…

Being digital does NOT make learning better. It is the intentional design of the teacher to use digital materials to interact with students that improves learning.

Alice Keeler, Get Started Google Classroom